Günter Auzinger has a golden brain

Günter Auzinger is the Science Slam Winner 2018! It all began on March 20 when he did his first show at Posthof Linz and where he won against five other scientists from Upper Austria. With his winning sense of humor he managed to convince the audience to vote for him. The slamming show 2018 got to be continued on April 13 in Vienna, during a yearly public event called “Lange Nacht der Forschung”. The audience was much bigger than in Linz and competition was harder as Günter had to slam against all the other Austrian provinces winners.

Prouder than ever we had to keep our fingers crossed for nothing but the absolute European finals in Toulouse, France on July 7. He had 10 minutes for his show there instead of 6 minutes before at the Austrian finals, and also 6 minutes at the very first time in Linz. Therefore Günter had to adapt his show and he had to find jokes that work on an international basis. Somehow he managed it in a very successful way and the audience in Toulouse again voted for him. Well, pushing our thumbs and crossing our fingers seems to have paid off.


Got it! Günter holding the official Science Slam prize in his hands: (What) A golden brain!

Watch Günter’s slamming shows on youtube:

Linz, 20 March 2018 @ Posthof
Vienna, 13 April 2018 @ Heldenplatz
Toulouse/France, 7 July 2018 @ Le Taquin